Why Pre-Sale?
We aim to always provide the styles and colors our customers want, not what we THINK you want.
Our pre-sale allow us to get feedback from YOU, our customer, and see which styles will be the most popular and what colors and fabrics to add before we go into final production.
We totally understand you want your shoes right away, so to make up for the wait time, we offer 40% off for the first 3 days of our pre-sale. That’s the largest discount we ever offer. The remainder of the pre-sale, the discount will go from 30% to 20% to 15%. And once shoes are in stock we only offer promotions occasionally, on some items and for much lower discounts. The pre-sale is the best time to take advantage of this incredible pricing, so stock up on all the styles you love!
How does the Pre-Sale Work?
The pre-sale ordering process is exactly like our normal process. In fact, we made the site look and feel almost exactly the same, so our loyal customers could navigate the ordering process seamlessly!
You’ll still choose your shipping of choice, and your order will be the very first to ship once the shoes are in stock in early June, just in time for Summer!
If you have any questions you can either click to chat with us or email us at: Help@CultofCoquette.com